EU Projects

Management of electronic transactions of JSC „Ineza“ implementation, financing by “E-business LT”

2016 April JSC “Ineza”  and LVPA have signed project “Improvement of work efficiency, implementation of electronic warehouse management solutions, implementation of UAB” Ineza “. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund in 2014-2020. Implementing measure No. 03.3.1-LVPA-K-806 E-Business LT.

The warehouse management system will be implemented during the implementation of the repository covering six warehouse management processes.

The installed warehouse management system will allow the company to systematically carry out control of the processes and work organization processes related to the flow of goods and warehouse management, shorten the time of training and introduction of new employees into the workplace, reduce manual work and thus reduce the risk of errors. In addition, customer service is expected to accelerate, which will optimize the workflow of all business processes: customers will receive their goods faster and the range of services will expand.

JSC „Ineza“ will install warehouse management system and reach the set goals and results of the project, making optimal use of time and resources.

Project Executor – JSC “Ineza”
The total value of the project is EUR 48,085.00
Place of implementation – Vilnius
Start of project implementation – 2016-04-04
End of project implementation – 2017-09-29